“It’s the journey, not the destination.”

Feel free to call me Imani (or some variation thereof)! What follows are the ramblings of a long-time software developer trying desperately to get a handle on something that has always eluded them: the arts and illustration. Ultimately, I want to be able to design characters on a whim and paint aesthetically pleasing backgrounds for them to occupy, but I’m trying to keep my expectations realistic and chronicle my efforts. I should mention that, due to the nature of figure studies and art practice, some content may not be appropriate for minors. Please navigate away if you’re under 18!

Artist’s Log

Boxes and Cylinders and Spheres, Oh My!

It’s definitely been a bit since I last posted, mainly because work is becoming more and more execrable by the day – but also because I was having a colossal fit trying to figure out how to draw TORSOS by themselves. It rapidly became the bane of my existence – until I have a minor…

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Today was definitely a bit of a bleak one, all things considered…! Through some horrible twist of fate, my chronic knee pain has prevented me from standing, sitting, walking, climbing, or really existing in any comfortable position that isn’t totally limp. The remaining postures that don’t stimulate said pain aren’t really comfortable to draw in,…

Once More, With FEELING!

By no means have I mastered proportion, but the construction I’ve worked to implement over the past few days has allowed me to see the body for what it can be – a simplified series of organic solids that can be translated into a 2D space through knowledge of 3D contours. But it was in…


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Previous Work

Before I underwent this whole process of trying to learn how to draw ‘properly’, I got my feet wet with vector art. You can see some of my efforts below. I still do absolutely enjoy working within the infinitely scalable possibilities of vector and plan to return to it once I have a greater grasp on anatomy, perspective, and proportions – but many of these pieces were done well before I knew even the faintest fundamentals. I simply applied my design skills from front-end development and massaged things until they looked somewhat presentable, which resulted in numerous wallpapers and social media banners. One day soon, these pieces here will look absolutely pedestrian to what I can do now, but it’s important to log these ventures in a blog dedicated to my journey towards getting over the decade-long hump that’s been my art anxiety.