Not Your Mama’s Art Blog

There’s an alarming tendency for art blogs to get a bit preachy when it comes to chronicling art process. They came feel a touch disconnected from reality and start talking about the values of positive thinking and wherewithal and how simple everything is and some of them even break into this whole sanctimony about how if you’re not doing what [I’m] doing, then you’re never going to make it in the industry or whatever.

I refuse to do that.

Y’see, I’m a developer by trade and I was excellent in all my mathematics courses and I still think art is bonkers hard. I’ve only just started regularly and I’ve already had my first official emotional breakdown followed by an immediate recovery.

It’s really tough, and because I’m over the halfway point in my 20s, I’m expected to have a handle on illustration that I just don’t because it took until 2020 before anyone told me that I should be drawing with my shoulder and elbow, not my wrist. I’ve got a long way to go and I don’t want to get preachy or anything like that!

If anything, I want to be yet another example that you anyone can hop on this particularly painful ride and share my triumphs and failures with folks in equal measure because I don’t see any ‘warts and all’ are blogs. I can’t put my life on pause, quit my job, and just sink into naught but art – so if I do get anywhere, it stands to reason that you can to!

Midpoint Practice

At least one drawing a day. That’s my mantra.

Even if it’s crap, even if it’s just me trying to learn something, even if it’s a page of circles and cylinders. Just one thing and I’ll consider that an accomplishment considering how much responsibility rests on my shoulders.

Cartoonish Expression Practice; Multiple IPs

And ultimately, I’m doing this because I want to have fun and translate my imagination into a medium that isn’t as bogged down by my purple prose and junk. So, here goes nothing!

Oh, and it should go without saying that any art posted here is mine unless otherwise uploaded with attribution to prove a point or elaborate on something.

See ya in the next post!

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