About Me

My Idealized Self; drawn by yours truly!

“Mx. Imani Freeman, at your service!”

I have never enjoyed describing myself, but what sort of ‘About’ page would this be without at least some elaboration on the entity you’ve rolled up on. Well, first and foremost, my name is Imani but my friends sometimes call me Mimi or Mani depending on the time of day! I’m Black, 26, butch transfemme (she/they), and just muscular enough to look a touch intimidating. By trade, I’m an IT Technician for [REDACTED] and I’ve also designed their website as well as maintained their heavy machinery. Naturally, the line of work is pretty rote, so my creative side usually comes out through artistic ventures. I got my start doing typographic, both static and kinetic, then logo design, web design, and – finally – vector art. I know my way around the pen tool, much to my other artist friend’s amazement! But, that’s neither here nor there. Right now, I want to fight with myself to become a better illustrator and all-rounder, even if it means my hair is going to turn grey before I’m 50!

At the moment, my tools are as follows:

Vector Art:
– Serif Affinity Designer
– Logitech Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Digital Illustration:
– iPad Pro (2nd Gen.)
– Procreate
– Clip Studio Paint
– Apple Pencil

3D Rendering & Modeling:
– Blender
– Sculptris
– DesignDoll
– SketchUp